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Encourage Your Light To Shine

It’s important to connect…

No man is an island, entire of itself…

It’s about 400 years since this timeless truth was written, and it would seem the message is stronger for us today than ever before. The Yin/Yang paradox again tells us we are both unique and perfect in ourselves, and uniquely and perfectly connected to All That Is.

No longer do we expect the priest to get us to heaven, nor the doctor alone to heal us. We realize our whole life experience, body, mind and spirit, is our own responsibility. Yet strangely with this realization comes a deepened awareness of our connection with our planet and all within it. Recent news of conflict around the world, as well as images of the ravages of climate change and the thoughtless destruction of our natural world bring home to us the sure knowledge that ‘no man is an island’; our crying hearts know as their bell tolls, it tolls for us too.

Sector 6 on the Ba Gua represents friends, helpful people and travel and reminds us that caring and connecting with each other is essential for our survival. Relationships can certainly become toxic, and we must routinely encourage new growth by cutting these away – along with any associated negative emotions, but pruning at such times is as good for us as it is our plants. On the other hand, good friends who support and strengthen us are worth their weight in gold. We are not designed to struggle on alone.

As you use those things that shine bright and make you feel good as your excuse to give your attention and be Who You Are, you will tune to Who You Are, and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes.

To brighten your life with the sparkle loving energy brings, Metal is the element to bring in to balance your home. Set your intent to cut away the old and make space for the new, then clean, clear and tidy before indulging your senses with luxurious satin fabrics, gold or silver colours, crystals and other decorations that shine brightly.