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Life Is A Dream

Life is a song – sing it; life is a game – play it; life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it; life is a sacrifice – offer it; life is love – enjoy it.

On creativity…

Sector 7 of the Ba Gua reminds us we are Creative beings, born to continually expand in new and exciting ways, a hugely relevant message right now as around the world people deal with seemingly harsh challenges.

Life challenges are always a call to us to become more creative. As soon as a seed anywhere is fertilized a marvellous process is triggered. The seed could be an idea that gives rise to a thought that leads to action. It could be an acorn that grows into an oak tree, or the egg that became the foetus that became you. You, like the planet, are made in the image of the Creator, and challenges (problems) are to be viewed simply as food that inspires the use our creative talents.

Creating is an important but not a serious task. We create most powerfully when we are having fun. Listen to the laughter of children as they explore their world and their experience expands, and you will know what I mean. Creating delights us. What holds us back is fear our imagination isn’t quite up to the task: ‘I don’t know (what to do/say/think)’ is our lament. ‘I don’t have ….’, ‘I can’t ….’, ‘I’m not … enough’. And every time we think of a negative to attach to ourselves, our subconscious mind searches on our behalf until it finds a way to make us right. Proof! Now it’s official – and it’s no laughing matter is it? Singing, playing, having fun, they’re no longer around when we get serious. And, surprise, surprise, nor is our creative ability, it upped sticks and left too!

The more depressing the news you’re given, the more important it is to start having some fun. Get creative and do something that will get you enjoying life and make you laugh. The more fun you have, the harder and louder you laugh, the more your creative ability will come to life. Once this happens, ideas will flood in; you’ll be thrilled by their simplicity and laugh all over again. Now you’re on an upward spiral and life becomes a happy dance.

The Cure: Count Your Blessings!

Feng Shui is FUN, it’s about loving and respecting your possessions and enjoying them fully. Feel the joy of being wrapped in a home you love, nourished and satisfied as you curl up comfortably. A smile always follows. In fact a smile always starts with appreciation, so it’s time now to create your biggest ever smile by recognising gratefully all that is Your Life.

Go into every room in your home and look at what you have: walls to protect you, windows to let in light, electricity, warmth – list every one of the creature comforts you enjoy, every possession. Now check the Ba Gua below and, if you can, sit in Sector 7. List all the times you can remember bringing a sparkle to someone’s life – time, love, laughter, a gift – there are countless ways you’ve added to the enjoyment of another person’s life. Recognise these times now by writing them down.

When you’ve done this, and in the glow of SELF appreciation, bring your attention to what you would love to create next. Remember, you are continually expanding so all things are possible!
Find a beautiful, shiny metal object, or a mineral such as a crystal, hold it lovingly and think of what you want to create. Allow the energy of this feeling to first build in you then flow into the object you hold. Stay with it until pleasure floods your veins and lifts your spirits. You will know because a smile will appear behind your eyes and play at the corners of your mouth. Thank your little co-creator and place it where you will see it regularly.