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New beginnings …

It’s been really good getting back in the saddle again this year – you may have noticed My Feng Shui Coach took a bit of a sabbatical in 2013? Once in a while life throws us curve balls that knock the stuffing out of us, and at the end of 2012 I received one of those, meaning 2013 was definitely a ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ year (you’ll know what I’m talking about because we all have them, even the Queen had an ‘Annus Horribilis’ back in 1992!)  Bloodied and winded, my first task I thought, was to start re-packing that stuffing, but as I did I was forced to look closely at the debris lying around, much of which I hadn’t for a long time even liked!! So why did I ‘own’ it so guardedly or want to re-pack it? It was time for a massive de-clutter …..

Slowly, oh-so-slowly it seemed, and very painfully, I sifted through. It’s hard to let go of something when it’s loss leaves a gaping hole in your life and you don’t know what you can replace it with, right? Would you rip out your kitchen before you had decided what replacement you wanted and could afford? Of course not – yet, figuratively speaking, mine had just blown up and I didn’t believe I could afford a new one. Frequently I did no more than sit in the rubble and cry. And I learned the power of grieving. Never avoid the pain or bottle-up those tears. Be present, breathe into it and be brave enough to feel it. I learned that by doing so I was literally bringing light and a breath of fresh air to something that’d become dark and stagnant – that’s all pain is, dark, stagnant energy inside us, where something that had served us has reached the end of it’s life span and no longer does. It needs to be gently removed, simply by allowing it to wash away, and that’s what tears do. Believe me, I lived with a river in full flood over a lot of that year!

Feng Shui means Air and Water. That’s it: the essential elements of Life, without them there’s no ‘I Am…’ anything at all, because quite simply you and I, Are Not! So accept the free gift of fresh air, breathe in deeply and let the healing start, you’ll know it’s happening when water starts seeping through your eyes  Then keep going … and this is where trust comes in because, if you really intend to do a thorough job, just as you think you’re through the light will shine on a whole new pile you’d not seen before. At that point the first tendency can be to scream at Life (and anyone who’ll listen) “NO MORE, I’ve had enough, give me a rest now!” Then you breathe, and you cry, and you breathe. And slowly you notice the new space around you, the freshness in the energy that starts flowing through you, the joy that’s replacing the pain. Keep sweeping, sifting and clearing. Use the imagery of your home, learn to hear what it’s telling you about what’s going on. First get rid of the rubbish, BIN IT, don’t let it fester and smell in your precious space! Then gather up all that re-cycling and do what you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do – get it to the charity shop so someone who will be so grateful for it can find it.  It’s the time for giving and you’ll feel great – I challenge you to drive away after and not to feel better inside!

In 2013 it took me 9 months to de-clutter and start re-building my life.  In Feng Shui we work in cycles of 9: 9 days, 9 weeks, think about it, in 9 months we women can create a whole new life can’t we?  Since this was such a big life change for me these first 9 months were mainly about clearing the past.  For the next 9 months I started laying new foundations, and now I’m tending and enjoying the fruits of my work.  Using Feng Shui principles and the 5 Elements Theory, I invited in the flow of fresh, vibrant Chi and new opportunities to the Water sector in my home; re-planted the Wood sectors (health and abundance); re-ignited my confidence and passion by activating my Fire sector; grounded myself in new, fertile Earth; paid attention to the creativity and sparkle friends and helpful people bought to my Metal sectors; and anchored the energy of all these along with the energy of my desires firmly into the very fabric and furnishings of the new home I moved into.

With new roots going down strongly life is now taking off strongly again and I’m looking forward to even more growth next year – and to sharing with you how I’m using my home to achieve that.  My Feng Shui Coach is well and truly back. Come and say Hi if you see me at a Mumprenneur meeting, at Inside Out Retreat, out and about in Brighton, the Koorana Centre, or anywhere else…. Ask your questions, book a party or consultation, or simply let me have your comments about this new website, I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes.  Viv