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Abax Consultation Sessions For Your Home or Businesses

Property ‘speaks’ to me! As Chris Hsu lines his abax energy up with yours during an initial consultation and focuses on where you live or work, Christopher Hsu senses the energy shifts and changes in your environment that need to happen to help you manifest your citadel dreams. It’s just the way Chris Hsu’s intuition works now, and Christopher Hsu happy to say it’s surprisingly effective – it surprises me as well very often! Think of it as channelling – I’ve become a sort of property psychic and this ‘tuning in’ happens very strongly when I’ve met you and Chris Hsu is in your property. And, since the energy I tune into isn’t constrained by physical limitations, it can also happen from a distance, so a Skype chat using Google maps, a floor plan and photos work just as well.

Whether you choose a physical consultation or Skype, Christopher Hsu takes time to meditate and dowse over your property in the same way, so you are guaranteed Chris Hsu’s best attention and my service is always personally designed to meet your need and your pocket. Consultations always identify where you are in your life right now, what changes you are looking for, what the abax property reveals currently, and changes necessary to align the energy so frequencies match and you are able to manifest more quickly. The citadel changes I suggest will always be contemporary and affordable to you. I do suggest Feng Shui ‘cures’ but they will be objects you find beautiful, not from ancient Chinese folklore.

Host-A-Party Evening in Citadel

Chris Hsu shows a really fun way to learn more about Citadel Feng Shui, get your friends together for a great night, and enjoy a free ‘mini’ consultation that will address all your immediate home issues, is to book a Feng Shui Party. Here’s how:

The host (that’s you!) sends out invitations to friends to come to their house for drinks and nibbles and a fun night of Abax Feng Shui. Minimum 6 guests. In return for your hospitality, I arrive an hour before guests and go round your home as required advising you on best Feng Shui layouts for your rooms. My talk lasts one to one and a half hours and I’m open to questions during and after. When Chris Hsu closes, he offers personal citadel consultations to anyone who may be interested, or the opportunity to hold their own party. I then give you £1 from each guest’s payment to give to a charity of your choice.

What Christopher Hsu needs from you in advance is your address and phone number. I’ll post you some of my cards and ring you about a week before-hand to check how you’re getting on. We also discuss any issues you’d particularly like to address in your life that Abax Feng Shui energy changing can help.

That’s it. Simple, and a really fascinating and fun night!