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…and all learning.

Believe it or not, Spirituality is not an optional ‘add on’, it is a core component of Life and on the Ba Gua in Sector 8 it comes together with wisdom, knowledge and learning, because they are inseparable. Let’s explore this by considering for a moment what it is you desire in life, and why.

‘Where our attention goes our energy flows’ is a saying so often quoted, but why do some things grab our attention more than others? And what creates desire within us, because what we desire always attracts our attention, doesn’t it?

The word ‘Desire’ literally means ‘of the Father’ and it seems our ‘desires’ call us to create our own, very special, Tao (Life Path). To connect with a desire we have to think of what we want (rather than what we don’t want!), and dare to believe achieving it is possible. Daring to believe (you could call it faith), gets us ‘buzzing’ with excitement and life suddenly becomes great fun. Our thinking expands, we explore our surroundings, we fill with fresh ideas. We come alive! Interestingly our desires are never ultimately things; people; possessions; or even experiences. They are always feelings – our soul desires the feelings of love, success, happiness, abundance, etc , that we believe these people, possessions or experiences will give us.

Sector 8 is the most Yang of the Earth elements: solid timeless rock that withstands all the elements can throw at it, i.e. Uluru (Ayres Rock), Stonehenge, Machu Picchu. Is it coincidence spiritual sites have for centuries been built on such rock?

Is it time to give your life a more solid foundation? Have you a faith you feel secure in, or would you love a closer spiritual connection? Do you long to be knowledgeable about a subject? What do you want to learn: a new language; about a different culture; how to communicate with your spouse or children more effectively; how to contribute to a more peaceful, harmonious planet? Whatever it is, Sector 8 is the area of your home that is calling for your attention.

Refresh the area by removing all clutter and cleaning, with the intent of establishing a strong foundation for yourself, and as you do take time to appreciate the protection, security and support your home already gives you.

Introduce earth colours of yellow, brown, orange or pink. Books can be kept in this sector, and this is the ideal Sector for a study – sit with your back to a wall, facing the entering Chi.

Place in your Sector 8 a beautiful ceramic object – it could be a piece of furniture, an ornament or a statue. Something that encourages peaceful meditation is ideal.

As you look at this ceramic object allow your thoughts to dwell on the pleasure your desire will bring you, this will lift your spirits and invoke the Law of Attraction.